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established in 1989

Discover the enchanting world of puddlejumpers, a quaint children's boutique nestled in the heart of Exeter, NH. Specializing in timeless and elegant children's wear and gifts, puddlejumpers curates a selection that captures the essence of classic style and childhood wonder. From charming outfits for newborns to delightful gifts for big kids, each item is carefully chosen to evoke joy and nostalgia. Step into puddlejumpers and experience the magic of childhood brought to life through beautiful clothing and thoughtful gifts.

Who We Are ?

"a mom owned shop"

In 1989, a mom named Cheri Smith began puddlejumpers, a beloved children's boutique in the seacoast area. Over the years, it became the go-to spot for quality finds. After 30 years, Cheri decided it was time to pass the torch. Enter Cara Brittingham, another mom, and a mother of three. During the pandemic, Cara took charge of the downtime, giving puddlejumpers a fresh makeover while keeping "the heartbeat" the same...quality. Now, with its bright new look, the shop continues to offer unique, timeless gifts—a perfect destination for families seeking something special.